The Network of the
Sports Medicine Excellence Group

The Sports Medicine Excellence Group (SME) stands for a new and holistic approach to the treatment of accidents and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. With its focus on outpatient surgery and a subsequent rapid convalescence in an upscale hospitable ambience, it creates advantages for all participants. Patients quickly return to their everyday lives. Healthcare costs are decreasing and entrepreneurial perspectives are opening up for SME itself.

The first phase
Between 2007 and 2014, the Sports Medicine Excellence Group cooperated with outstanding orthopedists and trauma surgeons at its former locations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. For these, it established structures and processes and continuously optimized them. In this setting, a total of over 50,000 surgical interventions and around 250,000 consultation hours with a focus on the musculoskeletal system were performed.

During this time, "Sportsclinic" became one of the top addresses for absolute patient orientation and the highest medical quality. Science, medical progress and economic excellence formed the basis of the successful model, in which the physician was able to focus one hundred percent on his medical competence.

Vision worked out
Years of work in four European countries and in four very different health systems have created a vision that takes a much more holistic approach to patient care than previous approaches. As a result of the cost pressure in the individual systems and countries, the parameters "medical quality", "return to activity" and "price of overall treatment" must be optimally and structurally managed and offered to the patient.

The experience gained in recent years together with physicians and our cooperation partners increasingly shows that this can only be achieved efficiently by introducing complex flat rates.

Implementation of the planned strategy
The Sports Medicine Excellence Group has developed this vision into a strategy. This strategy has been implemented since 2014 and focuses on the following three areas of the treatment chain:

  • Outpatient surgery and, after release from medical care, subsequent exercise and physiotherapy for optimal convalescence with simultaneous accommodation in an upscale ambience.
  • Material cost provision and logistics
  • Development of intelligent surgical tools and implants

A supply chain made possible in this way allows patients as guests to return to the activity as quickly as possible - with the highest medical treatment quality in a doctor's practice and organisational care quality in the activity centre - at attractive conditions. The platform, which will implement this strategy in the future, will be made available to existing locations and their doctors as well as to new interested parties. Currently, several new locations are under development in Germany and Switzerland. These take the opportunity to work innovatively and entrepreneurially on the future of medical treatment of the musculoskeletal system with the help of the Sports Medicine Excellence Group.

After successful demolition and dismantling, work on the site of the iodine-sulphur bath will begin on 5 November. The Sports Medicine Excellence Group has signed the contracts with the civil engineering and building construction companies. Work on site preparation and development has begun in November 2018 and the foundation stone was laid on December 4th.




The Hospitecture® project, in collaboration with the Milanese architect Matteo Thun, discusses new architectural concepts for guests with musculoskeletal problems. The concepts concentrate on high-quality medical infrastructure on the one hand and on postoperative accommodation in luxurious ambiences on the other hand, ultimately also to increase cost efficiencies. A sustainable and efficiently designed architecture is linked to processes that enable excellent medical quality as well as greatly improve the options for accommodation and regeneration.



SMEDICO will offer a holistic, individualized supply of goods for surgeons and hospitals, which will deliver all instruments, clothing, etc. required for surgery uniformly and efficiently packaged.



Sports Medicine Innovations combines many years of know-how from the medtech industry and that of physicians in an entrepreneurial way. It develops intelligent tools and implants in an efficient way and sales structures in order to be able to offer outstanding innovations at a reasonable price.